Management Systems Policy

noris M.I.K.E. recognizes as an essential parameter of its progress and development, the provision of quality and safe services. Its objective is a customer-oriented policy and the installation of systems:

  • Quality Management (according to ISO 9001:2015)
  • Information Security, Cybersecurity and Privacy Protection (according to ISO/IEC 27001:2022)

which aim to satisfy its customers by meeting their requirements, with continuously improving quality services and safeguarding their information and personal data. Quality and data security in the services provided is characterized by noris M.I.K.E. as a strategic obligation and commitment to all its customers and partners.

In the effort to achieve this goal, the participation and cooperation of all partners / staff members is considered crucial. The continuous information about the business objectives and the philosophy of noris M.I.K.E. Quality and Information Security contributes to the overall, internal effort of continuous improvement of the systems and its progress.

The harmonization of the Management Systems according to the above international standards now officially declares the continuous effort of the Management, which first and foremost by inspiring its partners / staff members, will proceed together to meet objective goals, such as:

  • providing quality services to customers, meeting their needs / requirements / expectations with the aim of continuous and increasing satisfaction from working with us;
  • the protection of information and Personal Data;
  • ensuring trust and confidence;
  • ensuring compliance with the Greek and European Legislative and Institutional Framework;
  • correct information / training / cultivation of staff conscientiousness in order to be able to fulfill the above objectives;
  • provision by the Management to the staff of the appropriate means, incentives and working environment, in order to be able to provide high quality services to customers / partners;
  • continual improvement.

For this reason, noris M.I.K.E. takes the necessary technical and organizational measures to ensure the quality of service provision and the integrity, availability and confidentiality of the information it processes.


noris M.I.K.E. CEO

Stelios Gikas